Children & Teenagers Counselling

Counselling for Children and Teenagers

Research suggests that one in ten children aged five to sixteen have a mental health disorder (Office for National Statistics; 2004). In some circumstances children are not necessarily given the opportunity to access support or counselling.

I am able to work with children and teenagers to help them express themselves and explore their needs and experiences. I have also had training in relation to working with bereaved children.

With agreement I can work with children in school or in children’s centres (child and school / children’s centre need to agree this).

Children and teenagers may see a counselling psychologist for a variety of reasons.

Examples Include:

During our first meeting you may want a family member or trusted adult to join you. We will discuss the issues and plan the support you may need. Sometimes having a family member with you for the first session can highlight different issues for example they may see things differently to you. This is ok and I am used to children having different opinions to their family members. It is useful for me to hear everyone’s viewpoints. We will then meet at agreed times. I will help you find ways to express your worries. I might use work sheet or drawings to do this.

You can talk to me in private and I will not tell other people (including your family) what has been said unless you want me to or if I am worried that you or someone else might get hurt.

Please Note: I accept referrals when they are funded and initiated by organisations. This includes educational settings, private health and social care services, charities, social care, NHS, Civil Services and Insurance Companies. I am not currently accepting self-referred cases from individual families, parents or children.