Trauma Informed Practice

Trauma Informed Practice is linked to the private company of Total Psychology, which was set up in 2014 by Dr Rebecca Andrews.

Rebecca manages an independent private psychology practice, which offers professional, approachable and respectful psychology services including psychological assessments and formulations, consultation to organisations, therapeutic intervention, counselling, family and group mediation, supervision and training.

Based in the Forest of Dean, Rebecca is in easy commute to support services within Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Bristol, Monmouthshire and South Wales. Her training package can take her anywhere within the UK.

What is Developmental Trauma

Complex trauma, also referred to as developmental trauma, is an area of increasing focus and research within psychology and social care. It is linked to children’s exposure to multiple traumatic events such as abuse or profound neglect. Trauma usually occurs early in life and can disrupt many aspects of the child’s development and the formation of their attachments, identity and sense of self. Since these events are likely to occur with a child’s main caregiver, they interfere with the child’s ability to form a secure attachment which research demonstrates interferes with the child’s physical and mental development.

Development of the Trauma Informed Practice Service

Trauma Informed Practice became a focus within my psychological portfolio; as my psychological expertise and experiences have grown, my interest in the importance of understanding developmental trauma has allowed me to link theory to my practice and expand the knowledge base within my interventions, which has aids outcomes for my cases. 

With my experience supporting children who are residing in residential care and working in teams supporting edge of care cases and intensive family support services, the importance of developmental trauma theory and practice prevailed. Within differing settings I was approached to provide bespoke training for services linked to attachment and brain development.

As service needs grew and I expanded my CPD and knowledge base to keep up; since 2017, I developed training packages based around Trauma Informed Practice (TIP).

During 2019, building on from feedback following the TIP training days, I developed a relational model to enhance both understanding of developmental trauma and incorporating interventions for individuals and differing services. The TIPS model was born; Theory, Impact, Practice and Services. This model now allows for service specific interventions and methods to be easily adapted for example if working with foster care, disabilities or edge of care cases.

I offer training covering all aspects of the model. It is beneficial to social services, private, NHS and charitable organisations, schools, individuals and families.