Consultancy to Organisations

I have extensive experience within schools, local authorities, residential services, respite and other organisations that support vulnerable children and adults. This includes those with behavioural and emotional needs, learning disabilities, cases of abuse / neglect, challenging behaviours, reunification, adoption and foster care. I conduct direct work with children, families, foster carers and staff.

I have built my professional portfolio by specialising in supporting complex cases relating to vulnerable children, adults and families. I have a range of skills supporting individuals on the edge of care, in care, in foster care, living with support as well as those children and vulnerable adults involved in mental health and the legal systems.

My consultation experience is based on offering interventions, guiding best interest strategies, utilising specialised psychological assessment, risk assessment, providing training, developing and delivering specialised therapeutic support and psychological guidance. For example:

  1. I am a consultant within various specialist children’s educational and residential services. My main areas of expertise are with those children who have learning disabilities and complex needs including autism, challenging behaviours, dyspraxia, ADHD, emerging mental health issues as well as histories of early life trauma and attachment difficulties.
  2. I am an associate to a leading service in Wales who commission me to provide a specialist service for local authorities; the scope of this support is varied and based on supporting children and young people in regards to specialist therapy, crisis interventions and the assessment of needs, risks and placement options.
  3. I work as a consultant for various adult residential and independent living services (learning disability, neurological difficulties, brain damage and mental health needs). I have clinical responsibility for advising a number of homes as well as supervising and supporting the development of colleagues within the clinical teams.
  4. I have been fortunate to also assist new developments within various residential, community and secure settings for those with autism and mental health issues i.e. to assess and evaluate the appropriateness of inpatient admissions.
I have a number of projects linked to child mental health and wellbeing at present, mainly within the social care system teams.